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#1 2016-04-22 15:18:21

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London update

H&H seem to be giving up their smaller shop and moving everything to their "flagship" store at the corner of DoY street. A pity - the smaller shop had been their last resort of untidyness.

Went to H&K to buy a few full-price shirts. They reduced the in store prices from 155 to 135 GBP "because our customers complained and we actually listen to what they have to say". Does anyone remember when they had colours like signal red, royal blue and yellow in their patterns? And very traditional ties with really simplistic patterns (dots, houndsteeth etc)? All gone - they have become full Euro, almost like John Bray RIP. And they have much more button cuff shirts (with cutaway colllar) than before. Still - their "contemporary fit" shirts just suit me perfectly, and I dont have a good alternative.

The new restaurant in Fortnum's Jermyn Street side of the building - ok, I get it. They want to jump on the North Mayfair Brasserie bandwagon. Unfortunately, it is empty most of the time. What a pity, it could have upped J-Street a bit. A bar, that is what is missing - Duke's bar is too far away, and the pub in Babmaes street a disgrace.

Franco's - always populated, for a good reason. What a friendly place, what nice and unpretentious food.

J.J.Fox (not J-Street but still worth mentioning) - yes, Igents galore, but sometimes still a nice place. Nursed a smallish Upman for breakfast today. Bearable.

Cars - where have all the nice cars gone? Besides nondescript Euro boxes, white vans and the occasional Phantom (usually with blacked out windows) you see only black S-class and Audi A8. Even the early Conti GTs which have by now aged nicely disappeared, let alone the proper vintage exotica.


#2 2016-04-23 03:45:53

4F Hepcat
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Re: London update

I've been trying to get to London on a business trip as an excuse to go shopping for most of the year, can't even contemplate doing it with the missus and the kids. Still, you can do a lot on the internet these days, as the Dutch stores are finding out, the public have had enough of being ripped off and are en masse ditching them and going online.

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#3 2017-03-25 07:02:41

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Re: London update

Been to London again. Wiltons always a safe bet. And the say "good morning Sir" at lunhctime.


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