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#1 2017-03-14 14:47:53

Goodyear welt
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Never really got the workwear thing myself. Maybe because I wear workwear at, er, work. But came across this and thought it looks pretty cool. Not that its for me. But quite interesting. Sure The Cap would like...

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Re: Workwear.

Visited the shop last year during a short stay in North Norfolk and bought a couple of their popover/pull-on shirts.  You have to order stuff which they post to you, even in the shop, and it is all standard sizes - no MTM, which was a shame.  Having said that, the shirts were really well made and I wear them a lot during the summer for casual wear.

Their jackets and trousers were eccentric - the sort of thing worn by those strange chaps with handlebar moustaches and briar pipes and a fondness for Michael Gove, all sported ironically.  Not really my thing, as much too close to costume.  The wife bought a 40s style dress, which she is very keen on and again the quality was great.

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Re: Workwear.

super cool so cool i am almost shivering ,


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chuck power
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Re: Workwear.

Made the 5 hour trek their last April and had bought a Marshalsea jacket and the high rise trousers (as a suit ... ) and a couple of waistcoats. Nice quality stuff - but as previously mentioned, nothing to buy in the shop (even if it is stock) and a shopping experience that borders on the surreal.

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