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#1 2017-07-13 12:47:39

Devil's Ivy Advocate
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Atkinsons Newport Beach, CA

Fascinating thing, the old schmutter ain't it?

I've never been a big fan of patch madras, it's a bit close to the Go to Hell spectrum if you ask me. But I like this tie......

I like the fact it's got loads of different colours so it (sort of) matches with most plain colours. I also like that it's actually made of lots of small pieces of slubby cloth stitched together, so quite a bit went into making it.

Strangely I picked it up for a couple of quid in one our of our local charity shops 2or 3 years ago, unworn, still in its wrapper. I got all excited because it had an Atkinsons label on it. Atkinson's Irish Poplin ties are a high end tie maker in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, so I had done very well for myself - one of those rare and lucky charity shop strikes that happen once in a blue moon.

I think it was winter and this is very much a summer tie. To be honest I stuck it in the bottom of a drawer and forgot about it until a couple of days ago when I came across it. On closer inspection I noticed that its actually a Robert Talbot tie, but with an Atkinsons label. The labelling is (on purpose perhaps) pretty similar to the revered Irish Poplin article as can be seen from the photo. It says Made in the USA on the reverse of the little RT label so what's the deal?

Turns out Atkinson's Mens Clothing was a mens outfitter in Newport Beach, California, seemingly defunct now. Anyone got any information about this shop or own any of their stuff?


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#2 2017-07-13 14:10:26

Son of Patrick
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Re: Atkinsons Newport Beach, CA

I've become less and less into patch madras myself -- realized it's just not my style -- but I do like that tie.


#3 2017-07-13 16:13:38

From: The Great White North
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Re: Atkinsons Newport Beach, CA

I approve, woof. I think the background you chose actually hits the nail on the head - pair it with anything camel-colored and you'll be golden, especially a corduroy.

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#4 2017-08-27 02:06:33

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Re: Atkinsons Newport Beach, CA

I never had any of their stuff.  But I knew of the shop.  With the whole prep contingent in exile in Southern California there were a few go to places.  The area around there was a prep oasis of clubs and houses and that was probably among the places to go in that part of state.  Talbott made for a lot of prep shops.  This was pre-malls and pre Real Estate boom and pre-internet.  I think there was one other place in Newport Beach but that was the main one AFAIK.

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