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Re: What are you drinking at the moment ?

4F Hepcat wrote:

TakasakiJeff wrote:

4F Hepcat wrote:

Purchased a bottle of this artisan Mezcal, Nuestra Soledad: … ll_500.png

Had a little sweet taste last night: like a more earthy and organic 15 year Laphroiag, but maintaining the full on iodine and sea shanty qualities with added pyschoactive menstrual fluid from Aztec gods. You can't do anything with a drink of this intensity, can't cut it, or use it in a mixer, only choice is imbibe neat and wait for the visions of Aztlan and Anthony Quinn in Viva Zapata. No good using it as a nightcap either, this is going to wire you awake looking for the same serious action as Elvis was getting in his Las Vegas period.

As I didn't have time to start a revolution yesterday evening, I wisely decided to stop after one. I've stored it in a lead lined box in case the local nuclear power station picks up the Mezcal readings on their geiger counters.

Tried this for the first time last year.

I found it to contain no psychoactive compounds and to taste not unlike rubbing alcohol...

I was of course referring to the effect of the taste only. Like rubbing alcohol yes, same as Laphroiag in that respect, but with added bio-organic-compound action.

Mezcals are really interesting nowadays. Just bought a bottle of this Tobala Maguey. The agave plant is smaller than the blue agave and has really broad leaves. The taste is intense and smoky but also sweet.

Cógelo suave, pero cógelo.


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John Rotten
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Re: What are you drinking at the moment ?

Have been buying some private bottlings of George Dickel's Tennessee Whiskey as I come across them.  surprisingly good amidst the overpriced, underaged, commodity bourbons that have absolutely flooded the marketplace this past year.  The distillery released a 17 year old whiskey in the fall, which is the oldest whiskey they've ever produced (according to legend/clever marketing, one of the current master distillers found a small stash of the 17 year old aging away in a forgotten corner of the rickhouse) and a very good one for the price.  Only available in 375 ml bottles, and hard to find, but well worth it.


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Re: What are you drinking at the moment ?


"Florid, smug, middle-aged golf club bore in this country I'd say. Propping up the 19th hole in deepest Surrey bemoaning the perils of immigration."


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