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#1 2017-12-11 02:32:01

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Any colour you like as long as it's blue ...

... certainly seems to be the way with men's suits now doesn't it? It's almost a pleasant surprise to see a man dressed in a tasteful grey or charcoal suit, plain or pin stripe. But everyone goes for blue. Personally, I don't own a blue suit.

Here are a couple of pictures from the BBC website showing the disease in its advanced stages. The woman sitting down is trying to shield her eyes from the sight.

In the picture below the sufferer on the right is displaying the classic pointy toe shoe symptom. Some even display light brown pointy shoes with blue suits, but images of that are too upsetting to post here.

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#2 2017-12-11 08:26:19

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Re: Any colour you like as long as it's blue ...

Those shoes! You could put bells on the toes...

Sadly, these photos show even more color variation than I see in NYC. I do see some gray suits, but blue, these days with aggressively light-brown wingtips, seems to be the name of the game for "trendy" businessmen...

I have no problem with a blue suit, actually... I think that it can look much more interesting than a navy suit, especially in lightweight cloth where you get a little more texture around the seams and overall rumple... But the problem in my eyes is the death of the well-chosen accessory, and fit of course. The light brown shoes don't look good with blue at all, and no one knows enough to do anything else. Shirts are uniformly white, when an interesting stripe could make the whole ensemble look much more interesting. And ties are usually just solid-color satin, very boring...

I hate to always be harping on Prince Charles, so forgive me, but I do think he does this look especially well... He always has a tie and pocket square that show some spirit and thought went into the outfit, rather than it just being what GQ said was good to wear this year...

Even though you probably aren't a royal, it's still a great idea to follow Prince Harry's lead here and buy a suit in just the same color for your own big life moments, or even little moments. Style it like Harry, too—with a crisp white dress shirt and slim navy tie to keep things fresh and modern, and a pair of black wingtips to maintain the formality—and you'll be the picture of class

White shirts always seem to be "crisp," don't they? Someone should do a study of meaningless GQ phrases... Plus, "blue with a navy tie" is why this look is so boring... At least they have the good sense to recommend black shoes...

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#3 2017-12-11 09:15:47

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Re: Any colour you like as long as it's blue ...

suit-wearing men need variety, gray all the time gets monotonous, and blue is one of the two main colors for suits, so blue suits are inevitable, and can be wonderful, but the shade of blue is all-important ......

some of the less-traditional and highly electric shades might not be appropriate for lawyers and bankers but might be trendy enough for maitre d's or menswear salesmen .....

actually never had a light-blue suit, leisure suit connotations dealt that color a big blow in the '70s, but no big loss, because there are more than enough shades of navy and slate-blue out there in the current swatch books of the better cloth suppliers to satisfy me ....

electric blue suits remind me of damselfish, too flashy for me, but if a person likes that color it might be better in a sport coat ....

acid and neon blues are fashion, navy and slate-blues are style, is more or less the way I think of it .........   

I have had plenty of navy suits, as well as slate-blue suits, as well as blue-gray glen plaids, navy pinstripes and chalk stripes, and they've all been useful and enjoyable to wear, so a suit world without good blues in it seems as dire as a world of men in electric blue suits and pointy khaki double-monks .....

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Re: Any colour you like as long as it's blue ...

Yes, gray and black color of suit are very common and monotonous, these shades of blue look really classy.


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Re: Any colour you like as long as it's blue ...

A hundred years from now, we will refer to this time as "The blue period" for mens dress. Certainly it will be shortened to "The Blues".

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