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Sock it to me

I like these Italian made socks I've been buying from a French outfit … haussetier

They have a good variety of colors and make the socks in mid and full-calf and in two different foot sizes. I have a big calf and the 43/45 over the calf size fits me very well. Wool socks are thinner than Pantherella's but are nice for summer, especially if you have a foot that perspires a lot and find that cotton socks stay moist and allow your foot to chafe against your shoe.

Anyone have any sock suggestions?

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#2 2017-06-10 12:16:08

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Re: Sock it to me


I'm on occasion still buy cotton socks despite knowing better.  Usually the Dore Dore fil d'ecosse.

Better for me though are the Falke in a light wool (for summer) or the Panth's.  I had dozens of Press socks.  Whoever was making for them.  The char woman no longer darns so socks are one of my few sartorial pleasures these days.

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#3 2017-07-08 04:39:11

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Re: Sock it to me

Cotton Pantherellas, despite their short lifespan.


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